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Front-end engineer with 10 years of professional experience. I make front-ends with React and back-ends with Node.js. Passionate about performance, aesthetics, user experience and accessibility. I’m a social and quality driven team player. Able to lead projects and people.

Off work I’m a dad, rock-climber, tech and golf enthusiast.


Solid JavaScript, CSS & HTML foundation. I’m a problemsolver, performance optimizer and code quality advocate. Smooth animations and pixel perfection is a given.

Excited about GraphQL, monitoring, error tracking, loging, tests, tooling and the developer experience.




Mojang Logo

Front-end Developer

Mojang AB

Jan 2019 - present

  • Design new front-end stack and platform for the Minecraft launcher.
Blocket logo

JavaScript Developer

Blocket AB

Jan 2018 - Jan 2019

  • Develop and maintain services, both front-end and back-end
  • Develop and deploy several new micro-services using Node.js, Express etc.
Bytbil logo

Front-end Developer

Byt Bil Nordic AB

Sep 2016 – Jan 2018

  • Develop and maintain a styleguide for use throughout the organization
  • Develop and maintain front-end for several systems
  • Designing a new front-end platform using React, Redux, Express, Webpack, Docker etc.
  • Ensure platform performance is optimized
Tripwell logo

Front-end Developer

Tripwell AB

May 2016 – Sep 2016

  • Develop and maintain front-end for
Schibsted logo

Lead Front-end Developer

SCM Ventures AB

Apr 2015 - May 2016

  • Lead and advise small front-end team
  • Leading international collaboration with development team from Africa
  • Design and develop new front-end platform using Angular, gulp etc.
Schibsted logo

Front-end Developer

SCM Ventures AB

Jan 2012 – Apr 2015

  • Develop and maintain front-end for multisite classified platform
  • Deploy several new sites in different countries around the world
  • Performance enhance platform to serve countries with slow connection/featurephones
PixPro logo


Pixpro Stockholm AB

Dec 2009 – Jun 2011

  • Develop customized Joomla templates
  • Develop customized Joomla extensions
  • Debug and support customers with their Joomla website
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